Desigual Square backpack leather effect

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Προσθήκη στην λίστα αγαπημένων
Προσθήκη στην λίστα αγαπημένων
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Are you one of those who apply minimalism to their accessories? Bet on this square backpack in leather effect fabric in flat colour with large pullers and messages in raised lettering.

  • Zip fasteners
  • Three outer pockets (two front pockets – one with zipper and the other with a flap – and a back pocket) as well as a small pocket in the inner compartment
  • Large capacity inner compartment
  • Desigual logo in outward relief and message “The future is now” in inward relief
  • Includes a bicolour cord charm in trekking inspiration with tassel of fringe at its ends
  • Folding upper part to adjust the size of the inner compartment
  • Measurements: 25 (l.), 13 (w.), 33.5 (h.) cm.
  • Double strap for backpack and short carrying handle



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Βάρος 1.500 kg

Κόκκινο, Μαύρο


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