Desigual Mini sling bag

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Προσθήκη στην λίστα αγαπημένων


The main attraction of this sling bag is its mini size, which makes it very easy to carry and manageable. And the colourful floral print lined with a net of yarn makes it very original.

  • Double zip fastener
  • Inner compartment
  • Print of small flowers painted in colours forming galactic mandalas
  • A type of net/mesh covers the surface of the bag giving an effect of texture
  • Thick knotted cords hanging at one end as decoration
  • Black rubber plate in the centre with the Desigual logo
  • Measurements: 18.30 (l.) x 5.50 (w.) x 11.50 (h.) cm.
  • Wide black canvas handle with matching Desigual logo



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